Great quality salt, we use it exclusively at our restaurant. Craig, POST RANCH RESTAURANT, Big Sur

Two weeks ago (around the 14th of april) my husband and I were visiting Carmel and stopped by your store. We are fom Brazil and were amazed with your products. We wanted to bring something back with us and asked you if you knew wheather or not it was common for people to bring your products with them when travelling overseas. During our brief conversation you asked me in case we were sucessful in entering the country with the products we purchased if we could let you know… so here I am: Yes, we were able to bring all your products home with us!

It seems the law has changed in Brazil (begging of 2011) and food such as olive oil, sauces and Monterey Bay Salt (in limited quantities of course) are now allowed – we had no problems!

We are now enjoying these amazing Monterey Bay Salts and I can tell you it is a sucess (specially with our friends and family :)) Ana Flávia Vizzotto

I’m so glad I found your sea salt product. I have taste in my food again. Due to my having thyroid disease and MS, I was advised by my doctor to give up all iodized salts. I tried various spices, lemon and lime juice & while they helped the food, I was still missing something, salt! I could use sea salt and I tried several but the flavors were off.

I received a jar of Monterey Bay Sea Salt and I love it! I am going to try your flavored salts soon. Glenda Eacus

Hi Bob-
No, we don’t have any special plans other than we LOVE it for cooking meats and fish! 🙂 And maybe sharing some with friends and family… we are always raving about it to them! 🙂 Marjie

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